Cottonwood | Commercial is a commercial real estate brokerage located in Harrisonburg, Virginia and was established in 1970. Cottonwood is the market leader and the largest commercial brokerage in Western Virginia and focuses exclusively real estate services related to commercial and investment real estate transactions.

We know that we are not successful unless our clients are also successful. Our goal is to build value for our customers by approaching our work with integrity, knowledge and original ideas.

A dedication to this goal has permitted Cottonwood | Commercial to become the most respected commercial real estate brokerage in the Shenandoah Valley.  The firm is involved in the majority of the commercial real estate transactions within the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County multiple listing service serving a wide range of clients from national brands to local small business.  Cottonwood | Commercial is the largest commercial real estate firm between Roanoke and Winchester. 

The firm is comprised of twelve brokers and additional full-time staff providing marketing and administrative support.

Representation Philosophy
We believe the following to be the most essential components for the successful representation of a client.

  1. Data Site selection decisions are made based on a unique set of criteria related to the users’ needs. Often these considerations include property layout, location, or building systems. Other times they are contingent on demographics, drive times, and workforce. Regardless of the data need, we understand it is imperative to develop and maintain a comprehensive package of information capable of meeting the needs of a prospect and consider it a basic competency within the representation of a client.
  2. Presentation Commercial real estate is a data-driven business, but we (consumers) more readily acquire knowledge and desires through experiences and stories that allow us to visualize—and ultimately make a decision. We build marketing presentations (offering memorandums) to tell the story of how a property services the needs of users through illustrative data. It is important to us, and our clients, because it represents the first, and potentially only, opportunity to share the unique benefits and competitive advantages of a property over other alternatives in a way that compels a potential user to act.
  3. Connections A thorough understanding of the property and a well-designed offering memorandum are only useful if we know where to put them. Cottonwood | Commercial maintains proprietary databases of existing users in the Shenandoah Valley that allow us to determine those that may be in need of new space as a result of expansion, consolidation, or relocation. Additionally, we are the only firm to maintain this same data for national and regional companies seeking expansion to the Shenandoah Valley.
  4. Communication As the client, you should expect your broker to be an advocate and advisor. You should expect that we listen, understand, and put into place a plan that accomplishes your goals. We view the client-broker relationship as a partnership from the start of the deal to the closing and even beyond. We also believe that these partnerships work best when they are two-sided and provide an opportunity for you to clearly communicate your needs and receive candid counsel in response.
  5. Collaboration Cottonwood is the market leader in site selection for national tenants and local business and is the largest commercial real estate brokerage in the Shenandoah Valley from Winchester to Roanoke. We have been able to reach and maintain this position by assembling a talented team and employing a collaborative approach uncommon within the industry.