Auction Specialist, Commercial Realtor

Megan Ruckman

Megan Ruckman, Auction Specialist, Commercial Realtor

With an expertise in real estate auctions, Megan Ruckman is the Director of Operations for Cottonwood Commercial’s sister company, Cottonwood Auctions, where she is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, as well as the planning, development and implementation of marketing strategies, marketing communications and public relations. She develops dynamic and comprehensive 30-day marketing strategies for clients’ properties to showcase them to serious buyers. Utilizing both print and online marketing tactics, Megan helps clients expedite and enhance their property’s sale through a method that yields results in just 60 days. Megan earned Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Design and a Master's degree in Technical Communication, both from James Madison University. She has been a Virginia-licensed salesperson since 2014.

Office Phone Number: (540) 437-9501

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