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Rhett Weiss

Rhett Weiss, Commercial Realtor

Rhett specializes in acquisition, development, expansion, and location strategies for headquarters, data centers, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, and other operating facilities. He is Founder of DEALTEK, Ltd, providing technology-driven solutions for cross-border development projects. Rhett has negotiated, advocated, and closed deals for many Global 500, Fortune 500, start-ups, scale-ups, and other companies around the world. He has advised them throughout their decision process in both domestic and cross-border initiatives. Their initial capital investment has totaled over $40 billion, and they have received incentives and other savings worth millions of dollars. In some engagements, he instead has represented governments and their agencies which are recruiting or retaining economic development projects. Rhett previously worked at Google leading the acquisition and development of strategic data center assets in various parts of the world. He also held similar strategic development responsibilities at Amazon. Rhett served as Chief Operations Officer at a bank, directed a corporate consulting practice at a Big 4 firm, and practiced law at an international law firm. Rhett has law licenses in Virginia, Washington, D.C., and New York, and a real estate license in Virginia. “My solutions give a company a real competitive advantage by enabling it to quickly short-list, optimize, and negotiate complex choices from among multiple project requirements, scenarios, and locations. Plus, I can enhance this advantage by tailoring services to meet the unique requirements of the project. Either way, you gain from my experience in planning and executing countless project transactions.” - Rhett

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